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Baptism is a symbol of resurrection

"Through this baptism in  death turned out to be us  buried with Christ, so that just as he was  power  the glory of the Father is resurrected from  dead, might  And we  live a renewed life"

                                                                                                                                      Rome. 6:4

Longstanding and  the widely held view that the apostles instituted Sunday in memory of  resurrection of Christ,  is biblical. The truth lies in  that He who rested in  seventh day to  completion of His work of creation, also rested in  this day when He completed His ministry of redemption. Moreover, resting in  grave in  day between his death and  resurrection, Jesus raised that day to  height never seen before.

Is it possible that such a weighty, such an important event for the Christian faith as the resurrection  deserves special mention? Of course he deserves it! And it found its place in  the rite of baptism, when a person is immersed in  water grave. This type of baptism includes  three main elements of Jesus' return to  life: His death, His rest and  His resurrection.

We receive water baptism  publicly announce  our death to the former life of sin: plunging into  water, we  we symbolically bury our sinful past. When we  rising from  water grave, we  confirm that on  really left the old paths to walk in  renewed life. Baptism by sprinkling, pouring, or any other means is not  bears in  yourself these sacred images and  therefore not  is acceptable.

The model for proper baptism is described in  Acts 8:38, 39: “And  he ordered  stop the chariot. Then both of them, Philip and  eunuch, entered  water, and  Philip baptized him. When  they came out of  water, the Spirit of the Lord took Philip away. The eunuch is no more  saw, but  went on his way rejoicing. Also, this example can be supplemented by the baptism of Jesus Himself: “Immediately after the baptism, Jesus went out of  water” ( Matt. 3:16 ). Thus, we  we get a clear picture of Scripture.

By itself  self baptism  confer special blessings. But it is a sign for the church, society and  heaven, saying that we  we place all our hopes and  plans for  strength and  promises made in  death, burial and  resurrection of Christ.

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